Certified Coding Associate (CCA) Exam Preparation, Fourth Edition

Certified Coding Associate (CCA) Exam Preparation provides ICD-10-CM/PCS and CPT® practice you need to prepare for the CCA certification exam with confidence. The practice exams and practice questions included in the online assessments simulate the exam experience and provide opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills. In addition, the newly added ICD-10 content will allow you to prepare for the transition to the updated examination launching March 31, 2014.

CCA Exam Preparation includes general exam information and covers the following CCA domains:

Domain I: Clinical Classification Systems
Domain II: Reimbursement Methodologies
Domain III: Health Records and Data Content
Domain IV: Compliance
Domain V: Information Technologies
Domain VI: Confidentiality and Privacy

Due to the variety of individual computer and browser settings possible, AHIMA cannot guarantee that these web-based supplementary materials will be accessible to everyone. If you are experiencing trouble with the online materials, ensure that you have up-to-date Java and Flash plug-ins installed and that your screen resolution is set to a minimum of 1280x960 pixels. Review the browser specifications here.

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