Health Informatics Research Methods: Principles and Practice

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Health informatics students, practitioners, and researchers now have a complete resource specific to the profession. Health Informatics Research Methods: Principles and Practice supports seasoned and novice researchers, students, and educators. The text focuses on the practical applications of research in health informatics and health information management. It provides real-life examples of research with samples of survey instruments, step-by-step listings of methodology for several types of research designs, and examples of statistical analysis tables and explanations. The book’s organization guides readers through the process of conducting research specific to health informatics concepts and functions.

Key Features
  • Discusses informatics research history, paradigms, and designs
  • Details research methods specific to health informatics
  • Describes the process of defining the research question, data collection, and converting data to information
  • Includes information on how to apply for grants and write proposals, and how to disseminate the findings
  • Discusses the ethical implications of healthcare research
  • Includes real-world examples to illustrate and explain research methodology

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