AHIMA Adaptive Learning Helpful Videos and FAQs

Helpful Videos

for the AHIMA Adaptive Learning Products

 Please share these videos/links with your class as you see fit.

For Students and Instructors:

The videos below are for you and your student. Please share with your student via your LMS homepage, or by email.

Adaptive Learning Introduction:

This video gives a quick overview of how the adaptive learning product works, and how intelligent software helps the student use their existing knowledge and confidence levels with the various areas and tools onscreen to promote adaptive learning.  Running time – 1:00

 How to Use the Rhapsode Reader:

This video shows the student, or Learner, how to use various items found around and within Rhapsode Reader, including self-assessing of the content, Search, turning on and off the Adaptive setting, and use of the Coach. Running time - 2:14


 These videos below are only for Instructor use.  

For Instructors:

Of Note:  Instructors with LMS-integrated courses access Reports through their specific LMS features. Not all features mentioned in these videos is available for LMS-integrated courses.

Analytics video

This video covers some of the Analytics tab of the Educator Dashboard, including the tile “Class Analytics” with At Risk Learners, Individual Learner Analytics, Meta-Learning, Time Spent vs Proficiency, and Learner Progression Charts.  Running time – 4:47

 Custom Reports Dashboard

This video show how to create custom reports for your Dashboard, as well as how to move or adjust them on your Dashboard home screen. Running time – 3:11

Additional FAQs can be downloaded here

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